Inis Meáin Knitting Co.






Recently one of our favorite style blogs, A Continuous Lean, featured one of our favorite brands, the Inis Meain Knitting Co. While they are rare (only a handful of stores carry them), every piece is special. You can feel the difference immediately. A very tailored look and feel.

This spring we brought in five pieces of a linen knit, full zip cardigan. The color is multi blue and lavender speckled with bits of rose. Tarloch (the owner) claims the colors are very close to the vegetation that grow close to the shore on this very small island.

Check out the ACL blog here.

Learn more about Inis Meáin here.





When the line between business and casual is blurred, bring your look into sharp focus with a check patterned shirt that is correct either way. Looks great with a tie (we prefer a stripe tie with a check) or open collar casual.  And if it is worn open collar under a jacket, the check adds  panache. So much more than a solid shirt. Check our checks available from our custom shirtmaker by pushing the button below then filter by pattern > checks/plaids. Save 15% on any three shirt order now through Saturday April 5th.


Jin Frati Ties

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Our friend Jin Frati represents a niche line of ties, printed and hand sewn in Italy. As you probably already know, our ties are pretty classic. But Jin always has something new and special that takes us slightly off center of traditional. This year we bought a small group of designs by an artist who Jin describes this way:

“these Designs were created by a Hippy forever, still dreaming the colors of the last trip taken in the seventies on the side of the Ganges in the Himalayan mountains, overlooking the most magnificent sunset waiting for the full moon to rise over the Rowtan pass at 23000 feet……
How is that for a start? if you like this the rest is all about a train ride in the hot summer days from Delhi to Bombay, scorched land slowly passing by the occasional python leisurely taking the sun in the dusty field………
Now the fact that the guy was an Italian from Como and was born with a tie around his neck may explain the connection…….”

Jin Frati
Director of Sales
Abbey Neckwear Ltd.

These will shake up your necktorial (new word) persona, guaranteed.


The Lovers’ Waltz

I heard this beautiful song this week on the morning drive, thought some of you might appreciate it.






OK, it’s been a tough winter. Here’s a thought; treat yourself to a Made To Measure jacket or suit. The colors and feel of the fabrics will immediately lilt your spirits. The finished product, delivered in just three weeks will lift your style. AND now through Saturday, March 15th, selection by Coppley Apparel will be 15% off. ALSO any Made To Measure shirt order of three or more shirts will be discounted by 15%.

The Company we Keep #1

We first met Margo Petitti about five years ago. She came to the store to show us her new collection of patchwork scarves. We were taken by her high taste level and a passion for creating high quality fashion accessories. At that time, she had just graduated from the Rhode Island School of Design and had hardly any business experience. But we sensed a strong entrepreneurial spirit a willingness to work hard and make it happen. She did.

Here are her thoughts about scarves for men:

“Scarves are the easiest way for men to step up their wardrobe. A scarf can set you apart from the workaday top coat that overruns the winter fashion landscape. Lighter weight scarves can be paired with a sport coat or cardigan in place of a tie or outerwear in the Spring and Fall.”

We think they also make you less aware of the cold and lingering winter and prevent colds and grumpiness.


The Annual “Pair” Sale



We have just replenished our stock of Hertling classic wardrobe pants. Print out the coupon below and save $50 on any pair of trousers in the store (includes a range of pants from past seasons that are already reduced in price). Also good on a pair of shoes, excluding special order footwear.

Now through Saturday January 11th.

Also, Congrats to Winner of Holiday Sweepstakes Cashmere Jacket Tim Stickney!


Our Winter Department is Officially Open for Business





Whether it be gifts or sensible wardrobe additions, we have a great supply of hats, scarves and gloves.

Cashmere scarves from Scotland
Hand woven scarves from Maine
Gloves with Alpaca lining from Peru
Shearling caps from Canada (they really know cold)



Announcing an Exciting NEW Resource


Mother Freedom – Our Story from Mother Freedom on Vimeo.

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Our quest for the last several years has been to establish a core group of vendors (mostly domestic) who can work with us to create exclusive in-store product. Product that we feel best “suits” our customer’s lifestyle, is high quality, unique, stylish and well earns it’s space in a small and efficient wardrobe.

Our newest relationship is with an old friend who has started a new brand  in New Bedford, Massachusetts, “Mother Freedom”.

Under the vision of master craftsman and designer Jeff Rose, Mother Freedom is devoted to the rebirth of American manufacturing and the creation of  “gear” a word Jeff uses to mean “pieces of clothing with a purpose”.

In his 12,000 sq ft factory he has created a group of pieces that reflect this value and we will introduce in our store this Saturday, November 16th.

All available for special order with delivery in time for Christmas.

See you soon,


Introducing the Wally Pant only at David Wood



We finalized the cut and details for our new “Wally Pant” two weeks ago at the trouser shop in Brooklyn. And now they are here ready for you to try on and experience our most modern fit. Trim, not tight.

And if the fit were not new enough, we have added a few details like Coroza Nut buttons, appropriate contrast stitching, and belt loops that are just the right width and color. $198 the pair.